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Mental Health Awareness Week: what can we do next?

Joel Harris from mental health charity Kintsugi Hope, asks: what can youth and children's workers do next?

Youth and Children's Work, Pastoral, Leaders

Stay alert

A Christian response to 'Stay Alert'

Christian attitudes to government guidance should be different to those of our friends, says Martin Segal, lead elder at The City Church, Canterbury

Family, Prayer, Bible

Bible disabled

Why there are more disabled leaders in the Bible than you think

Ros Bayes takes a fresh look at some of the Bible's most well known stories


Amy Orr-Ewing

Amy Orr-Ewing: Where is God in Coronavirus suffering?

RZIM vice-president Amy Orr-Ewing chats to Justin Brierley about how we make sense of suffering in our coronavirus world ahead of the publication of her book later this year ‘Where is God in all the suffering?’.

Leaders, Prayer

Christian helplines

Christian helplines: a list for you and your loved ones

If you don't know where to turn, if you are worried, isolated, anxious or need specific advice, here are some phone lines and websites to connect you with the help you need.

Pastoral, Family

NT Wright

Ask NT Wright Anything #36 Has the resurrection been debunked?

This popular podcast lets you ask the question and the latest one looks at the resurrection. Not only children need to keep on learning!



The Magic of Words: Language in an Emerging and Fractured World

Zooming, social distancing, lockdown, flattening the curve, containment, PPE, herd immunity. A new vocabulary has accompanied the devastating global pandemic of Covid-19. How does this impact on what the church is saying?


How much is a life worth? Human dignity in the time of COVID

As health systems come under pressure our culture‘s value of human life is being tested, says Esther O’Reilly


Farron Toynbee

Unbelievable? Do faith and politics mix?

Tim Farron MP, former leader of the Liberal Democrats and Polly Toynbee, a well-known journalist, political commentator and vice-president of Humanists UK engage in a wide-ranging discussion on whether faith convictions are welcome in public life.


Marcia Dixon

There's racism in the Church

Religious columnist at The Voice Magazine and Keep the Faith, Marcia Dixon, who also works with organisations and individuals who want to reach the black Christian Community, believes the Church has to tackle racism. She shared some thoughts on the problem with Premier's Maria Rodrigues.

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